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The Francostone Process

At Francostone, we approach each project with a five-step process. We begin with a free consultation, followed by a price estimate, templating, fabrication, and installation. At each step, client satisfaction is paramount to us. We know from experience that achieving the best results requires a collaborative partnership, which is precisely what our free consultation is designed to foster.

Free Consultation

Remodeling an area of a home or business involves more than just the quick installation of materials. That’s why Francostone offers no-strings-attached free in-home consultations. After a prospective client expresses interest in working with us, we visit them at the exact location where the stone installations are desired.
We will make style decisions with our client during the consultation by first considering different countertop materials, colors, and edge styles. We factor those preferences along with your budget to determine which stone is the perfect fit. We will also take measurements of the space, which will come in handy during the templating process.


Our crew will use the information obtained from the consultation to provide a competitively priced quote. These variables include selected materials, scope, custom requests, and the estimated time investment. However, the precise cost won’t be determined until templating has occurred—though it rarely deviates much.
By giving our clients an accurate picture of the financial investment before any work occurs, Francostone offers transparency and an agreement that comes with no surprises.


In order to accurately and precisely fabricate the selected stone, templates need to be created. Francostone will return to the client’s residence or business and develop templates of the area, which may take up to two hours.
There are two methods of templating: digital templating and “stick” templating. The former uses a portable computer to collect measurements from a laser; the latter involves wood strips and hot glue to create a template. Templates allow the fabricator to know the precise shape and measurements of the material they are working on.
Templating is also beneficial to fine-tune the final estimated price of the project. Sometimes crude measurements can tally up for more or less square footage than the precise templating method reveals.


On average, fabrication takes between 10-14 business days, though it can sometimes be finished sooner. Stone fabrication is an extensive process of precise cutting and shaping of the slab. Francostone stone fabricators have extensive experience and knowledge in fabricating various stones, which means that they are familiar with its working characteristics.
Stone fabrication is where Francostone excels. It’s a process in which artistry and craftsmanship blend carefully with pure technical skill artistry to materialize our client’s vision with calculated precision. Our fabricators conduct extensive quality control, ensuring profile uniformity on each side of the stone, and reviewing the slab in various angles and light to determine whether light bounces equally off the edges.


Once the stone has been shaped and polished to perfection, our crew of qualified and experienced installers will come in and get the job done. On average, installation takes about three to four hours—though it certainly varies on the size and scope of any given project.

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