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Francostone offers stone fabrication and installation of granite, marble, quartzite, porcelain, and quartz for various purposes. Our services include:

Kitchen with modern lighting

Kitchen Countertops

Countertops can truly make or break a kitchen design. When it comes to functionality and aesthetics, natural stone kitchen countertops are hard to compete with. The durability, flexibility, and inherent value of this option is well-documented, which is why it remains a top choice and a favorite among kitchen designers and customers alike.

Francostone delivers beautiful countertops with the proper cut and fit to enhance any kitchen design and the value of residential and commercial properties.

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Luxury bathroom


Francostone offers bathroom countertops, shower walls, and tub surround stone fabrication.

As one can imagine, bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops are quite similar. However, the different environments and use of these types of countertops should influence the choice of material. Water damage can destroy laminate countertops, for example. Stone countertops, on the other hand, are durable, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Luxury bathroom

Custom Fireplaces and Hearths

Fireplaces and hearths perform a great function: they generate heat, allowing for comfortable winters cozied up in a living room or office space. But who said a fireplace could not be elegant and low-maintenance? That’s what natural stone can provide.

Francostone offers custom fireplace and hearthstone fabrication to create a hand-crafted and hand-polished look that elevates any home or office space. Versatility and creativity are what come to mind when thinking of the stone options for fireplaces and hearths. There are countless design options that suit any interior décor preference that we can help our clients achieve.

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Outdoor Barbeque / BBQ Pits

Outdoor barbecues, fire pits, and fireplaces are eye-catching centerpieces, which is why they are the ideal candidate for a natural stone upgrade. Materials like Marble, Granite, Quartzite, and Travertine add elegance to any outdoor space, but they are also ready to withstand the forces of Mother Nature.

Beyond weather patterns, there are other hazards that can damage the stone or make it vulnerable, which is why materials selected must be strong and durable. Another consideration includes the stone’s porousness, as porous material can absorb stains or aspects of the natural environment around it.

Another important aspect of material selection is the range of temperatures it will be exposed to. If it needs to be fit to withstand extreme summer heat, it might be advisable to install a shading mechanism to cover up areas that may be touched frequently as natural stone absorbs heat.

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Custom Design Stone Fabrication

If our clients have a unique idea for a stone element in their home or business, Francostone is all ears. We can help anyone source and create the desired look by using innovative templating tools to bring a customized vision to life. We will begin by taking measurements and specifications after determining which material to use, after which we fabricate the stone to the desired specifications.

Whether our clients are in need of a residential or commercial custom design stone fabrication, Francostone has the expertise to execute the fabrication and installation beautifully.

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