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Ready for a beautiful new bathroom or kitchen remodel in your home? Then it’s time to contact our countertop store! At Francostone, we pride ourselves on having the best countertop design ideas, quality service, and cutting edge products. For an amazing bathroom and kitchen renovation, call Francostone for your free estimate.

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Natural Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Countertops Phoenix, AZ

When looking at slabs to transform your Phoenix home, you want options. With our vast inventory, you can find exactly what you’re looking for when you visit our showroom. We provide counter tops to both residential and commercial properties. Learn more about our Phoenix, AZ countertops.

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Granite Countertops

Granite comes in a variety of colors to fit any Phoenix home’s design. Granite is still one of the most durable kinds of stone. We train our experts to specialize in granite in Phoenix giving you and your home a great service.

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Engineered Stone

Like granite, this is made of natural materials that are mixed for a strong and gorgeous counter. Our team makes the installation process a breeze giving you new countertops in a timely manner.


Practically maintenance-free, quartz gives any room a clean, fresh look. Quartz is a great addition to any kitchen.

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Compared to granite, marble is the new darling of the design world. Compared to granite, there are fewer available colors, but for a sleek counter in Phoenix, Arizona, this is a beautiful choice.

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Other Natural Materials

In addition to classic slab materials like granite, we also provide additional materials. Some are more popular than others, giving you the option for a unique detail in your kitchen. We offer products in Corian, butcher block, laminate, and more.

Laminate solid surface is an extremely low maintenance material. Get the look of any material you want from Corian to butcher block. Enjoy less maintenance by opting for the laminate version.

Why Choose Francostone for Your Renovation?

Our team takes pride in the work, services, and products we offer our clients. Here are a few reasons to choose use for your counter tops Phoenix renovation.

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Full Remodeling Services Available in Phoenix, Arizona

Some other companies only offer granite countertops, limited selections, or only kitchens and bathrooms. We provide help for any project including bath, cabinet installation, and floors.

Superior Stone & Granite Countertop Installation

At Francostone, we only employ highly skilled and well-trained expert contractors. They have installed all kinds of cabinets, granite products, and floors. For any renovation in Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona, work with the best.

Best Craftsmanship in the valley

We use cutting-edge technology for all our pieces. This means you get high-quality products for your cabinets and new countertops Arizona.

High – Quality Products in Phoenix, Arizona

Whether we’re cutting cabinets or granite, we source the best materials. Quality matters when it comes to any kitchen. Stone and granite should be durable to avoid easy spills, contact with heat, scratches, and more that often happen in any Phoenix kitchen.


The Best Prices in Phoenix, Arizona

Our prices vary by the square feet of the slabs, so you only pay for what you get. Phoenix homeowners and business owners enjoy a free estimate from our professional team of experts. We share limited-time offers, discounts, and ways to keep your Phoenix counters, cabinets, and flooring affordable.

Call Us for New Phoenix, Arizona Countertops

With our commitment to customer satisfaction and full bathroom, kitchen, and home remodels, you’ll love our service. See our showroom or call our experts directly. We do the best job within your budget to transform your space into something you’ll love.



Our low installation costs mean that this affordable and attractive stone is one of the best design options for Phoenix homeowners. Call to obtain a quote.

Check out our showroom or give us a call Sat-Sun to discuss pricing and design options.

There are less expensive options than granite out there, but they tend to be nowhere near as high-quality. Give us a call to learn more about this stone’s properties and benefits.

Granite has been around for over 300 million years and is still making Phoenix kitchens more beautiful in the present day. It doesn’t go out of style.


Schedule Service for Professional Granite Counter Installation in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re looking for the most beautiful, durable, and affordable granite in Arizona installed by a team of experienced professionals, visit our showroom. We’ll give you a full tour and showcase our complete range of styles – no appointment needed.

Have questions about our granite? Our phones are open Monday-Saturday, and we’re always happy to discuss our services. Call us today at 602-527-0334 or request a quote on our website!

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